5000 for 5 Years

$5000 for 5 Years Campaign

In anticipation of our anniversary party, which took place on Saturday May 20th at Barrel Oak Winery, we kicked off the 5 year celebration of DC SIR with a "$5000 for 5 years" online fundraiser!

Thank you to our supporters! 

Cream ($500+)

Jacqueline & Nelson Bassett, Joyce Pittman (Ryan's grandmother).

Happy 5 year Anniversary DCSIR. You and all the volunteers impact & inspire so many lives by your commitment to make every day a better world. This is in memory of our son Ryan Lanford and our sweet Shiba, Scout. We currently have 3 Shiba's - Bodhi, Inca and Amai that bring us so much happiness. Ryan had a special bond with each dog and they loved him unconditionally.

Jayne Hope

It's an honor to support DCSIR! I have loved Shiba Inus even before I owned one! We currently own our second Shiba who has a big personality!! Here's to many more successful years.

Kristina, Steve, and DC SIR Alum Umi Le
"Thank you DC SIR for showing us to live with more kindness and compassion."

Marybeth Pilat

In loving memory of my nephew Eli. He loved dogs and especially Shiba Inus. Thank you DC SIR for all you do.

Mei Ren

Thank you DCSIR for making a difference in the lives of all my Shiba friends! From cream Shiba Rainbow!

Bennett, Lisa, Ben & Jackson Rhodes

Thanks DC SIR for bringing Kiyoko into our lives.

Sharlene, Dan, Colleen, Kenji, and Keiko Weatherwax

We love our DC SIR Dogs! It will be 4 1/2 years with Kenji and 4 years with Keiko when DC SIR turns 5!

Red ($150 - $499)

Nero, Pippin, MJ, and Eliana B

Thank you for everything you do! Nero, Pippin, and our beloved late Mei. <3

Queena and Jon Fan 

Zoey and her pawrents congratulate DCSiR on the 5-year anniversary. Thank you and all the volunteers that do so much to make a difference for all the shibas.

Heather Gole

Thank you DC SIR for bringing Rui and Lexi together! Happy Anniversary and cheers to saving many more Shibas in the future!

Jennifer Huang
"In honor of DC SIR alum Ayame. Thank you for bringing this sassy Shiba into our lives!We appreciate all the support and encouragement that you provide!"

Patricia Hoppe
"Our life and family was not complete until we found Fumi and Sumi. Thank you for all you do!"

Pete, Kaori, Imari, and Miyu Hunter

Kimmie Kim

DC SIR - you are amazing! Thank you for all that you do, and for introducing our family to the wonderful world of rescue. ? Love--David, Kimmie, Ava, Kitsune, Juju, and Woodrow 🙂

Greg L. and Saru

In honor of DC SIR Alum Saru and all of the amazing recovery efforts that DC SIR does every day.

Jeannie Lin

Congratulations DCSIR on your 5 years of making a difference! And thanks for informally helping us find Loki! Jeannie Lin and Loki.

Mick Miller and Will Stallworth
"In memory of Jesse"

Keith, Carol, Blossom, Pekoe, & DC SIR Alum Chika (formerly Jeshika)

With thanks to DCSIR for all the joy they have brought to our lives.

Zach Smith

For DC SIR and the great work they do, from Hoku and Stella.

Ali and Hunter Southworth

In honor of our Shibas, Henley and Eve (DC SIR alum), and to help DC SIR continue to help dogs in need.

Katie Truong

In honor of Kaya, DCSIR alum, and in support of the great work that DCSIR does to help surrendered dogs and educate adopters so that the dogs have their best chance of success.

Dan and Beka Wueste

In loving memory of sweet Nami, and in honor of our wonderful Totoro. Thank you DC SIR for bringing these loves into our lives!

Katherine Young

Thank you for my best friend, DC SIR alum, Riza, and all you do to save Shibas!

Black & Tan ($50 - $149)

Judith Bellavance

Reba Buda
"In honor of the first sassy Shiba I knew, Nami."

Symya Chumbris
"This donation is from Symya and Aaron Chumbris on behalf of Hana. We just want to thank DCSIR for all they do which led us to Hana."

Brian and Lisa Claveloux, Pawrents of DC SIR Alumni Emi and Takashi with Honorary Shiba Shadow.

Kimberly Cotton
Zoe and Dylan Cotton, in loving memory of Patrick Cotton

Frick Curry
"In honor of Kobe, our daughter Geneva's black and tan Shiba Inu."

Andrea Delaguila
"From Yoshi & DC SIR Alumni Michio"

Amanda Doolittle

Imo, Gracie, Becky and John Edwards

Connie Emerson
In memory of my dear, sweetest Rina - thank you for bringing us together. Love, Asami and Connie E.

Marni Jacobs
"With love from Bruin in support of everything you do to help Shibas in need."

William Leon
"In honor of DC SIR's relentless 5 years of rescuing Shiba Inus. On behalf of Diego and Kishi, the Leon Family offers this donation. Keep up the super job!"

Karen Liu
"Thank you for being so awesome!"

Sheila McCormick 
"In honor of Mika and her people: Julie and Nathan"

Samantha and Sencha O'Neil

James & Barbara Rickerby
"In memory of our 3 Shiba Inus that we were so lucky to have in our lives over the past 35 years: Akai, Kiki and Suki."

The Stoehr Family
"In honor of Mickey Moto, 2013 DC SIR alum. He has brought so much love and laughter to our home! Thank you for the amazing work you do!"

Lee Tate
"In gratitude for Hanzo."

DC SIR Alum Maroko, Lena and Josh Wang

Patricia Waterbury
"Thank you for the wonderful work you all do. But most of all for taking care of, and choosing me for, my fur baby Momiji."

Joel Z. and Yui I.


Sesame ($5 - $49)

Mary Benner

Lisa Hermann and her Shiba boy, Berrie Bear CGC RN

Jessica Johnson

Sherry Jones

Laurie Laine

Hao Nguyen

Steven Patak

Lynette Raudner

Richard Reynolds

Rebecca Roase, Faith, Kismet, and Hope

Teresa V., Kuri & Mitsu

Jason Walker



DC SIR is a non-profit, volunteer-run network of foster homes in the Washington, DC area.

DC SIR does not have a shelter facility. To meet our adoptable dogs, interested adopters can attend one of our monthly adoption events.