Adoption status: Adopted!


Hi! My name is now Amaya and my story is not that unique but it is unique to me! I’m young female Shiba Inu. I’ve had to move around a bit in my young life but at no fault of my own. A nice person saw me for sale at a flea market in North Carolina and brought me home. But they soon found out that I had resource guarding issues and I got into a few fights with the other dogs in the house. The people mistook my behavior as being ‘dominant’ and ‘alpha’ but DC SIR is very experienced with resource guarding and agreed to take me and to work with science based training methods such as counter conditioning and desensitization. My resource guarding is mainly around high value items, like my food and blanket and I only direct my reactivity towards dogs and not humans. I’m so lucky that DC SIR will work with me using positive techniques and I get to start my training in the main foster home with 8 other dogs – many of whom were also dog aggressive, reactive and resource guarders!

There is so much to tell everyone and I promise to have DC SIR tell you all about me as I settle in at my foster home. Another issue is that I am not spayed and in heat. While in my temporary home in NC, I was in a doggie diaper for the entire week and I came down with a urinary tract infection. The people in NC got me antibiotics and DC SIR will make sure I don’t wear the diaper while I heal. All DC SIR can tell you is that I previously lived in a trailer park on a back porch without much socialization. So I have a lot to learn about doggie manners but I’m happy to be in a rescue that knows how to deal with my issues! So for now, I just wanted to say hi, and ask that you watch my album on Facebook for updates on my progress!

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