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Hi, my name is Ashley and I’m a 6 year old Black and Tan female Shiba Inu born in Japan. I still have all my fancy paperwork too. I’ve lived my entire life with one family and my sister, Coco, a 6 year old Red Shiba who is also from Japan. Recently, my family brought me to DCSIR and because I loved them so much and never knew anyone but them, I cried all night. I tried to tell my DCSIR foster mom to take me back to my family. She stayed up all night with me and helped me realize that things would be okay. She gave me chicken and cheese and scratched me on my neck, which felt real good. I’m going to be okay. But I would really like a forever home, because I can’t go through this much pain again.

Let me tell you about myself. Coco kind of bosses me around, but I can growl back when she bullies me too much! Once I know I can trust you, I’ll follow you around everywhere. I also love meeting new people. I’ll go right up to strangers and let them stroke my chin. I LOVE FOOD. So if you are very nice, gentle and patient and you have yummy food I’ll probably warm up to you real fast. I met some other dogs and am okay with them, but my sister doesn’t want other dogs getting too close to me. She’s pretty protective and DCSIR thinks we should stay together, but they’ll know more in 2 weeks. I’m very gentle and easy to handle, and I learned how to walk in a harness in just a few hours so I’m real smart too. I think cats are prey and I’ll try to snatch them up in my mouth, so I can’t go to a home with kitties. I’m really well behaved in the home and would do best where my sister and I could be the center of attention. We probably won’t do that great in dog parks, but we’d love to go on walks and hikes with other dogs as long as no one gets too close.

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