Adoption status: Adopted!

11866366_891989427555117_5038351642720154848_nHi, my new name is now Kimora. I am a tiny 8 yr old female Shiba Inu & I have only known and loved one family for my entire life. But then, one day, my dad got married and his wife became pregnant and I was no longer allowed in the house. So I was boarded at a vet at night and stayed at my dad’s shop during the day. I’m such a sweet little girl so I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t be a part of our growing family. The vet’s office helped my dad by reaching out to rescue, and a DC SIR volunteer came to meet me at the store. I was really scared and hid behind some boxes trying to make myself small so she’d go away. The lady didn’t try to approach me because she saw how scared I was. DC SIR said they’d take me right away. I didn’t know what that meant but when my dad got out the leash I thought, “Oh boy! We’re going for a walk!’ So I perked up and shook my tail and trotted out with my dad. Soon after a short walk he took me to a strange car. I didn’t want to get in but he kept insisting. When I turned around he closed the door and didn’t come with me. My heart broke right then. I was alone. Soon the car started and I went on a long drive to a place called Shiba HQ.

The first thing they did when I got there was wash my fur and clip my really long nails. I was nervous but didn’t protest and I felt and smelled soooo good when it was done. I met a couple cats after my bath and they seemed real nice. But I haven’t lived with cats before so I kept my distance.

After my bath and trim my foster mom took me to a large private room to sniff around and dry off. I still wouldn’t take treats from her even though she offered me fresh boiled chicken. I kept running to the doors and pounding on them. I tried to tell my foster mom I wanted to find my dad and go back home. She kept saying it would be okay. I got to go outside in a yard and I looked for doors to take me home there too. But I couldn’t find my dad anywhere. I met a lot of really nice dogs and they all seemed so happy. Maybe the lady is telling the truth. Maybe everything will be okay.

DC SIR is a non-profit, volunteer-run network of foster homes in the Washington, DC area.

DC SIR does not have a shelter facility. To meet our adoptable dogs, interested adopters can attend one of our monthly adoption events.