Adoption status: Adopted!


Hi my new name is now Kurisumasu, and it means Christmas. (But my friends call me Kuri!) This was a name suggested by a fan and selected by my foster family. You’ll see why soon enough. I am a 13 year old female Shiba Inu & I had a family that I Ioved for as long as I can remember. But then they moved and left me with friends that lived nearby. I was sad and scared but I was a good girl. I never had any accidents in the house and I was good to the children that lived there. But on Christmas Eve, I was shaking and alone in a scary place called Animal Control. The family that dumped me said they just “didn’t want me” anymore. I was so scared. Where was I? What would happen to me? I huddled into a ball in my bed at the shelter hoping to comfort myself. The nice people at the shelter saw how scared I was and they reached out to DC Shiba Inu Rescue.

I didn’t know this, but there were so many people who saw my picture and the fear in my eyes and acted on my behalf.
DC SIR moved fast to find trusted people to get me out of the shelter. One foster family changed their holiday plans and within an hour were on their way to get me from the shelter. I wish my former family cared about me that much. But DC SIR says that I am joining a better family, the DC SIR Family, and for the rest of my life I will always have them and their network of support. When my foster dad came to pick me up at the shelter he saw I was in bad shape. I have a bald tail and fur is missing in patches all over my body. The fur I do have is greasy and smells of yeast. My nails are painfully long. But the staff at the shelter told my foster dad that they were so much worse. My nails had curled into the pads of my feet making every step I took excruciating agony. They had to pry some of my embedded nails out of my paw pads.
As bad as my ordeal has been, I am told this really is the best thing for me. I will have people who use kind and humane training methods, provide me with the optimal balanced real food, will give me an enriching life with things to do that are fun for me and give me the basic grooming and medical care I need to heal.

UPDATE March 2016: Kuri is really starting to come out of her shell lately with her foster family. They said with some recent shedding of weight that was weighing her down, she's becoming more playful. One of her favorite activities is getting belly rubs - she LOVES belly rubs!

Kuri is a 13 year old red female Shiba Inu. Kuri is UTD on all core vaccinations, 3Dx negative, microchipped, and cleared for adoption.

Location: Extended (East Coast)
Dogs: Yes
Cats: TBD
Kids: Age 12+
Special Requirements: Kuri has allergies, and will need to stay on a raw diet.

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