Adoption status: Adopted!

Hello everyone, my new name is now Mako and it means, “sincere Child.” I am a 4-year-old, 16 lbs., female Shiba Inu! I was adopted from a shelter several years ago. I was returned to the shelter because my mom was moving and no longer had time for me. But the shelter noticed I needed immediate medical help because of my enlarged eyes, so they reached out to DC Shiba Inu Rescue (DC SIR). DC SIR knows that Shiba Inu’s are predisposed to glaucoma. They are going to take me to a specialist to ensure that I get the care I deserve to feel good again. Despite my overgrown nails and swollen eyes, when DC SIR came to pick me up, they were surprised at how sweet and gentle I was. I leaned into the volunteer who drove me back to Shiba HQ, a place where new rescues start their journey with DC SIR.

After exploring the yard, the volunteer took me upstairs for a bath. I got my nails trimmed, my fur brushed, and cleaned. Boy did it feel good to be clean. The volunteer noticed how incredibly skinny I am. My fur is dry and not lush like it should be. She promised that I will feel great soon with a shiny lush coat of fur with a nutrient-dense raw diet. Once I was dried off, I got to meet all the nice dogs at Shiba HQ. I did so well with everyone I met! I was a bit shy and ran away from a few dogs who were sniffing me too long but I soon realized everyone was friendly. This is when I started to feel safe, so I found the softest blanket in the room and curled up for a nap. DC SIR said I may need to be in rescue for a bit to make sure I receive all the medical treatment necessary to ensure I can be healthy and pain-free. I hope to meet you soon!

Email  and tell them that you’d like to adopt Mako!

Mako has successfully had her left eye removed and is currently in foster recovering. Please consider making a donation to her care here.

Location: Extended (MD/VA/DC/PA/DE/NJ/NY/SC/NC/WV)
Dogs: Some
Cats: Yes
Kids: 12+
Weight: 16 lbs

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We recommend that one does research before apply to adopt any dog and especially a special needs rescue:
Blind Dog Training
Blind Dog Support Resources

Did you know, while the Shiba Inu is deemed a sturdy breed, they are predisposed to glaucoma? By taking proactive steps to monitor your dog's eyes, you can prevent needless pain and suffering. Predisposition to Glaucoma is one of the reasons DC SIR never walks our rescues on collars. More information on this can be found on our collar vs harness resource page.


DC SIR is a non-profit, volunteer-run network of foster homes in the Washington, DC area.

DC SIR does not have a shelter facility. To meet our adoptable dogs, interested adopters can attend one of our monthly adoption events.