Adoption status: Adopted!


Hello everyone, my name is now Mitsu. I am a 3 year old female Shiba Inu. I lived my entire life at a puppy mill. But DC SIR was told that I wasn’t bred because I only have 3 legs. My rear left leg got damaged in the mill when I was young and it had to be amputated. I was so scared of the people trying to get me out of my cage. DC SIR says I’m very fearful. When I got my bath and nail trim at Shiba HQ, I just curled into a ball and squeezed myself into a corner hoping the world would just disappear.

I’m not as out-going as my friend, Jimmu, who was also rescued from a mill with me. I’m so scared of the world around me that I cower into corners if anyone looks at me. I let the nice volunteer clean the years of filth from my body but I didn’t respond to her pets or treats. She said that I am very sweet and gentle. DCSIR promised that a kind and loving family would find me and give me a loving home. I was able to walk around the yard just fine and I can maneuver up the stairs with some patience. I met all the other dogs and really like being around other dogs. They help me feel comfortable. When I am in the house I choose to hide in a crate. I’m not used to the soft bedding. My nails were overgrown and my paws are misshapen from my life in the mill. I hope there is a family out there who won’t mind that I have three legs. I promise I can love you just as well as any dog with four legs. Please share my story and help me find my forever family.

Location: Extended (East Coast)
Will require fenced-in yard and continued participation with a force-free trainer
Dogs: Great
Cats: TBD
Kids: 12 years +

Email and tell them that you’d like to adopt Mitsu! Please consider donating to Mitsu's fund.

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