Adoption status: Adopted!

But I AM NOT DEAD. I was dumped in the shelter. My dad told the shelter people I was mean to men. So the shelter wouldn’t let me get adopted out by the public. My only hope was if a rescue would take me. Luckily, DC SIR said they didn’t mind that I was ‘mean’ and they have a great force free training program for dogs like me

I AM NOT DEAD! Although this is what DC SIR was told when they sent out requests for transport to DC. Many people recognized my photo and told DC SIR I had died after having a severe seizure. While my family received an outpouring of sympathy, I cowered in the shelter, terrified & alone not knowing what I did wrong to deserve this. I was so scared that the staff had to pull me from my cage & keep me with them while they worked during the day. I was thankful for this kindness. DC SIR wanted to make sure my family wasn’t confused about me being dead so they reached out to my mom. She let them know I did not have a massive seizure so thankfully I won’t need to see a specialist.

I AM NOT DEAD. But my past is dead. I am now Naota, it means ‘honesty.’ You can call me Nao.

DC SIR is a non-profit, volunteer-run network of foster homes in the Washington, DC area.

DC SIR does not have a shelter facility. To meet our adoptable dogs, interested adopters can attend one of our monthly adoption events.