Adoption status: Adopted!

Hello! I'm Raiden and I am a 2 yr old Black and Tan male Shiba Inu. I was named after the Japanese god of thunder. I, like many others was purchased from a pet store as a puppy. A 15 year-old wanted me so his mom bought me. They had no idea that I was an intelligent Shiba Inu. For them, I was just cute. My family had a huge yard for me, but they didn't have a normal fence. They had an electric fence. One day I learned that I could get through it and began taking myself on adventures. It hurt to break through it but I didn’t get to live in a house with the people and other dog. See I was never trained and I pottied in the house so I had to live outdoors.

Anyway, I figured there must be something better out there so I ran through the painful shock and looked for adventures. This just got me into more trouble. So instead of living outdoors I got to live indoors but in a cage. I was still not allowed to walk around the house so I just lived in a cage and I hated it as much as being alone outdoors.

Luckily, my family realized I could live a better life somewhere else and contacted rescue. They told DC SIR I was a 1 yr old 15 lb puppy but really I am 2 yrs and 4 month at 30 lbs! But DC SIR doesn’t mind. They said they will potty train me and teach me how to live in a home, sit, walk on a leash, and so many more wonderful things.
So let me tell you a little more about myself. I was very well behaved when I got my first bath and even let my foster mom cut all my long painful nails! I was a bit growly indoors with all the dogs but now I know they won’t hurt me and I play real well. I don’t like any other dogs near my food but the people are fine. I love cats. I learned how to use a doggie door and even though I had a couple accidents my foster mom said she’ll have me potty trained in a snap!

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