Adoption status: Adopted!

My name is Riza, and I am a Mill Dog. I’ve lived most of my life in an outdoor kennel being bred for my puppies. I’ve longed to be held and cuddled and told I am a good girl. I haven’t been clean in years. Not until today. The day DC SIR came to take me from my outdoor cage. They took me and my kennel mate Rin. When we saw the volunteers come up to our cage, we knew that our lives would change. We both wiggled our butts, squinted our eyes, laid down our ears and howled with delight at the sight of our rescuers. I have scars all over my face. Probably from being attacked in the mills. But I felt bad for all my friends that were left behind to live out another cold winter without the comfort of kindness and warmth that we will now have.

Both Rin and I were nervous on our long drive to Shiba HQ. We traveled in a soft crate with soft, nice smelling blankets. We huddled together and watched out the window at the moving cars and country we were leaving behind. When we got to Shiba HQ, we were taken straight to this big bathroom and got a shower. The volunteer said we were really stinky! She washed me up for at least an hour until the water from my fur ran clear. I tried to find a way out of the shower but the nice lady kept comforting me so I just leaned into her and let her massage my fur, and I didn’t protest at all. I just sat with my head down, hoping this wouldn’t be the end of my life. But it wasn’t and it felt real good to be clean. I did the zoomies in the bathroom the entire time Rin got washed. Boy oh boy, clean feels good! I’m a small Shiba at only 22 lbs! I enjoyed meeting all the people and dogs at Shiba HQ. I even got to see my old friend Yoko who also lived in the mill with us. Boy does she look good and happy! I know DC SIR will find me a family to help me forget my past. They say I’m not shy like a typical mill dog. I seek out human affection and I am so happy to be in a home! If you speak to me like a puppy, I get all shaky and smiley!

Cats: Ok
Children: 12 yrs +
Location: Extended East Coast

Riza is very friendly and not like a typical fearful mill dog.

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