Adoption status: Adopted!


My name is Sakae, and I am a Mill Dog. I have never known the gentle caress of a loving human companion. I have never felt the softness of a clean bed. I have never heard a soothing word or praise. I have never had a toy. I have never laid back my ears, squinted my eyes, or shook my butt and howled a Shiba welcome in anticipation of a family member’s arrival. I have never felt the comfort of a human when I was terrified or lonely. I’m just five years old, which is young to be released from a mill. That is because I “was not a good mother.” This unfortunate label was also a fortunate escape from my terrifying and lonely life as a mill dog.

I know the human parents think they saved my puppies, but they only prolonged my life of misery while lining the pockets of greed. When DC SIR picked me up, I was huddled in the corner of a barn. I growled at the scary people looming over me. But I was placed in a crate & handed over to DC SIR for a long ride to Shiba HQ. I only took a couple pieces of the boiled chicken they offered me. I sat quietly through several hours of driving. When I got to Shiba HQ I got a bath that rinsed off years of filth from my fur. My nails were never trimmed and were so painfully long so I was happy after they were trimmed.

I’m a tiny Shiba at only 16 lbs! I’m like a gazelle and I can jump real high – onto counters and over really tall gates. I’m ok with being picked up when I trust you. At one point the people at DC SIR thought I escaped the house and yard! They looked for me all over but I was hiding real good in their family room! It’s too soon to tell, but DC SIR thinks that I can lead a pretty normal life if I get adopted by the right family who is willing to be patient with me and work with my fear issues. I’m not used to the big new world around me so I’ll need someone who knows how to introduce me to new things so that I see how wonderful everything is.

Dogs: Yes
Cats: TBD (ignored)
Children: TBD
Area: Local

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