Shinji (Jindo)

Adoption status: Adopted!

Hi there! My name is now Shinji and I am about 4 years old. I am a Jindo, a Korean dog, similar to the Shiba Inu you are all familiar with, but a little bigger. I have been living on the streets of Pennsylvania. I’ve been starved, cold, hungry, neglected and ignored. My skin is raw from sleeping in uncomfortable places and being bitten by fleas. My poor ears hurt the worst. Living outside I had flies bite me and they just hurt so much. My ears are raw and some of my fur is gone. Unfortunately, DCSIR found out I also have Lyme disease also but will be fine after my 2 week treatment.

When a kind person came up to me on the street, I thought that they may give me a home. But they brought me to Animal Control. I was so very scared there. I tried as hard as I could to get away, but I was trapped. I didn’t look anyone in the eye and shook with fear hoping everyone would just leave me alone. But soon a rescue said they would take me into their home and take me to a vet to get healthy again. A nice man who works at the shelter took me home with him while I waited to go to the rescue. I got to live inside his house. There were lots of other dogs, but I didn’t pay them much attention because I was so happy to have a warm home and a soft bed. My mouth hurts pretty bad and I can only eat soft food, but I hear that DCSIR will help with that too. I don’t play much right now, but that’s because I’ve just been concentrating on survival for so long. I know that I can be a playful boy again, I just need a little bit of attention and a loving home!

Shinji is good with other dogs and shy in personality. He was just neutered and will need a 2 week treatment for Lyme disease before he is available for adoption.

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