Adoption status: Adopted!


Hello everyone, my new name is now Umi and it means “Ocean” in Japanese. I’m a tiny 13lb 5 year old female Shiba Inu that lived with a back yard breeder. I almost died this year. You see, I was dropped off at the vet and my owners asked to have me euthanized. My owners claimed I killed another one of their smaller breed dogs a bit earlier. But the vets didn’t see any blood on me and they saw how scared I was. I was also bald from chemicals they put on my back. The vets didn’t believe I was dangerous and were able to get me released to them. They watched me for a week and decided to give me a chance at life. That was two months ago.

I’ve been waiting to see if DC SIR would accept me into their rescue, especially because of the claims against me. For the past two months I’ve gone home with the vet and spent time with other dogs and cats. I love everyone I meet! When I went to meet DC SIR’s neutral dog Katniss, we got along great! We walked together, took treats together and laid around in the grass together. The volunteer at DC SIR said I was one of THE BEST assessments she has ever had! I let her check my teeth, touch my paws and pet me all over, so after my assessment DC SIR said I could come into their rescue. While DC SIR suspects the story of me harming another dog is not true, they will still require me to be the only pet in my new home. That doesn’t mean I can’t play with other dogs! I did great with everyone at the shelter!

When I arrived at Shiba HQ, they were cautious about me meeting other dogs but I got to see my friend Katniss first and that was nice. In just a couple hours I met all the dogs and got along with everyone. I growled at one dog who kept jumping on me but that wasn’t a big deal. I love meeting people and I am so thankful that I didn’t die this year. Instead, this year, I get a new life. Email  and tell them that you’d like to adopt Umi!

Umi will need a minimum of 2 week medical and behavioral assessment prior to being available for adoption.

Location: Local - MD/VA/DC
Dogs: No
Cats: No
Kids: No

Intake Date: 6/3/16

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DC SIR does not have a shelter facility. To meet our adoptable dogs, interested adopters can attend one of our monthly adoption events.