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DC SIR Needs Your Votes!

Please vote for DC SIR’s video to help us win $500 in much needed funds to care for our rescues.¬†Vote here:¬†

Contest ends tomorrow, Monday, Mach 2, 2015 at 11:59 PM and you can vote once every 24 hrs!


3/27/2015 – 3/29/2015 – DC SIR Adoption Event at Super Pet Expo (Chantilly, VA)

Buy your tickets for the SuperPetExpo 2015 at Chantilly, VA this March 27 – 29 using DCSIR code to receive $8 off Weekend pass (making it LESS than the cost of a day pass!)


Dulles Expo Center
4320 Chantilly Shopping Center
Chantilly, VA 20151
Booth 124

Buy tickets directly, or if you go to the site just use “DCSIR” as your coupon code for huge saving on your weekend pass!

Support DC SIR While you Shop!

Do you shop on Amazon? When you start your shopping session on AmazonSmile, you can select DC SIR as your charity of choice. At no extra cost to you, for every purchase, Amazon will donate a portion of the total to DC SIR!


Washington DC rescue that specializes in Shiba Inu but also takes in similar primitive and mixed breeds