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Choji is a 7 year old, male, tri-color Shiba Inu. Follow his Facebook album!

Hello everyone, my name is Choji, from Naruto and it means “butterfly child” in Japanese. I am a 7-year-old, male Shiba Inu. Let me tell you about myself, I lived with another dog for most of my life, and get along welI with other dogs. I was surrendered because my parents had financial difficulties. Some issues my family noted are occasional seizures and a recent limp to my back right leg they said happened 2 weeks ago. I’m happy my family gave me to DC SIR, the volunteer who picked me up said I was very sweet and gave me this amazing stuff called boiled chicken! I have few and far between seizures, and wore a shock collar. DC SIR says a species appropriate raw diet, supplements, and removal of the shock collar will aid my recovery of rare seizures. I also have a bad limp on my back right leg, which may be because of a poorly set broken leg when I was a puppy.

When I got to Shiba HQ, I got to explore the yard and meet their neutral dog Katniss. We got along great. Soon all the other dogs came out and I was happy to meet them. The volunteer noticed my nails were painfully long and my fur smelled a bit stale so I went straight up to the shower! I’m told I was just about the sweetest dog to ever have his nails trimmed and bathed. I ended up laying down in the shower and the volunteer is a bit concerned about my leg so I may need to have that checked out again. Once I was dried off I got to go to the main floor while the volunteer prepared raw meals for all the dogs. I knew something good was going to happen because everyone was hanging out in the kitchen. Oh boy, I got to eat a lot of yummy food. I tried mussels, bone broth, lamb and chicken!!! I think that DC SIR foster life is going to be pretty great. I will need a minimum 2-week medical and temperament assessment but DC SIR thinks I’m quite the heartthrob and that I will be able to get a loving forever home! Could it be you?

Location: TBD
Dogs: Good
Cats: Good
Kids: TBD
Weight: TBD
Intake Date: 9/8/17
Available Date: TBD
Considerations: Occasional Seizures

Further Reading:
Dr. Becker: Dogs & Seizures

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