Adoption status: Available!
Kaede is a female, 2 yr old red Shiba Inu.
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Hello everyone, my new name is now Kaede and it means “Maple” in Japanese. I am a 2-year-old female Shiba Inu and I was in a WV shelter before DC SIR found me. I was placed in the shelter along with my unneutered Shiba male companion because our owner could no longer care for us. We were going to be bred together but thankfully that didn’t happen. You see, I came from an abusive home. My owner would throw one treat in the middle of the room and wait for me and my ‘brother’ to fight. Unfortunately, my brother didn’t do well in the abusive environment and as a result he severely bit people and even sent them to the hospital. Lucky for me, the shelter worked with DC SIR to get me into a breed specific rescue for rehabilitation. I had a very long drive with some nice people who volunteered to transport me near Shiba HQ.

When the volunteer picked me up she had yummy boiled chicken, so I warmed up to her right away. She noticed I smelled pretty bad so as soon as I got to Shiba HQ I went straight to the shower. I wasn’t a fan of the shower but I didn’t protest too much. I just tried to jump out! There was a lot of brown water from my dirty fur so it took a few rinses to get me clean. Once I was clean and dry I got to explore the yard. Soon other friendly Shibas came out to greet me, but I was a bit nervous and growled at them to stay away from me. I made my fur stand up to look big and scary! After I realized no one was going to hurt me, I wasn’t so growly with everyone. I still didn’t know what was happening to me so I kept going to the gate to find my way to the only home I had. I’m a small Shiba Inu and I’ve had a difficult time in my two years but DC SIR is going to take the time to ensure I can trust people to be kind and fair. Please watch my album to learn more about me. Once DC SIR feels they have a good assessment of my temperament, I will be available for adoption! Please share my album to help me find a loving forever home!

UPDATE: At first, Kaede was defensive when she met the other dogs in foster care but she has learned to live in a multi-dog home and thrive. We think Kaede will do great as an only dog with active pawrents or with another dog that will let her be the queen of the house. At 2 years old, we were surprised Kaede didn't know such basic manners as 'sit' "come' or "stay" so we are going to require a force-free training contract as part of her adoption contract. Kaede is highly motivated to learn and will bond quickly with people that show her patience and kindness.

Kaede was spayed and is UTD on all her vaccinations, microchipped and 4Dx negative. She is medically healthy and her dry fur has begun to soften and have a healthy shine thanks to an optimal raw diet! While Kaede can be shy and nervous going to new venues (stores/vet/events) she builds confidence quickly and enjoys her outings. We feel Kaede will do best in an active family that enjoys hikes and adventures. In order to keep Kaede dog-friendly, she would need continued positive exposure to other dogs. The DC SIR community offers monthly outings or our adopters, foster, and volunteers!

Areas of need: Kaede can guard her favorite spot on the couch from other dogs but she is learning to share by creating a positive experience. She needs to learn leash manners and basic obedience commands which is part of her basic FF training contract. As with many Shibas, Kaede will need continued positive experience with other dogs to remain a dog-friendly dog. Overall, Kaede is a sweet girl with no human reactivity. She is easy to handle, has no accidents and loves to cuddle once she trusts the humans who handle her.

Location: Local (DC/MD/VA)
Dogs: Good
Cats: OK
Kids: 12 yr old +
Weight: 18 LBS
Intake Date: 10/20/17
Available Date: 11/9/17

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