Adoption status: Adopted!
LeeLoo is a 7 year old, female, red Shiba Inu. See her Facebook album.

Hello everyone, my name is Leeloo and I was named after the character in The Fifth Element, you know, the ‘perfect being.’ I am a 7-year-old female Shiba Inu and I have lived with one family that has loved me very much my entire life. I was treated like a princess and showered with love, gifts, and adventures. But my dad got very sick and could no longer care for me so my family did everything they could to find the best place to take me and my brother, Joxer. They spent a year researching rescues and options for us and after a lot of research, they decided on DC SIR. My parents took the time to give DC SIR a lot of information about me so you can also see that I am a perfect being!!!

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a very smart Shiba Inu. I know a lot of commands and I love attention from people. I do great with dogs too! I am a princess and I need to be showered with affection. My family thinks that I should go to a family that loves to take me out on fun adventures. They think the DC SIR community with hikes, beaches, and monthly outings would be great for a dog like me. I am also very well mannered so once I am bonded to my new family I would love to go out to stores and restaurants to show off how well-behaved and adorable I can be. I was a little nervous when I arrived at Shiba HQ but I was confident enough to explore the yard, roll in the grass and take a nap in the grass.

My parents were heartbroken to leave me but DC SIR promised them that I would be in the best care. My family did everything to ensure my transition would go smoothly, they brought all my favorite toys and smells to remind me of home as I adjusted to my new home. I am going to be in Shiba HQ for a few days until they decide which foster home will be best for me. I loved meeting all the dogs at Shiba HQ and I even play bowed and chased a couple of the young pups! DC SIR says I need to lose a couple pounds but that can be done slowly with all the fun adventures they plan to take me on.

Location: Local (MD/VA/DC)
Dogs: Good
Cats: Good
Kids: Good
Weight: 33lbs (from 38lbs)
DOB: 09/07/09
Intake Date: 5/9/17
Available Date: 5/24/17

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