Adoption status: Adopted!
Moro is a senior, female, red Shiba Inu/Chow mix. See her Facebook album.

Hello everyone, my new name is now Moro. I’m named after a character from a Japanese movie, the wolf goddess in Princess Mononoke. I have been living in a North Carolina shelter since March 8th. My owner passed away and my extended family didn’t want me or my dog companion so they dumped us in a shelter. I was scared and lonely in my cell. I can’t understand why I am in this place. I’ve been such a good girl. I was always very happy to get breaks in the shelter yard and see my companion from my old life. For some time, no one came to help me.

I’m old, obese, and have a bad hip, but I have so much love to give. Thankfully, the shelter reached out to rescues and DC SIR immediately called about me. They have a soft spot for senior dogs and know that the shelter environment is hardest for us seniors. In just 2 days, DC SIR’s fans raised funds to pull me out of there, get me into a temporary foster home, and arrange a transport to Shiba HQ! When the volunteer came to get me I was pretty happy and let him pick me up to get me into the transport car. But they didn’t have anything that fit me so I couldn’t stop for potty breaks.

When I arrived at Shiba HQ I went to the back of the yard and curled up in a corner. The volunteer comforted me but I was scared. When she brought the resident dogs out, one by one, this made me happy and my tail went up and I followed them around! Soon it was time for me to get cleaned up. I walked up the 5 deck stairs with some difficulty but barely made it up 2 flights of stairs to the shower. It took 6 rinses before the water ran clear. My ears were filled with mud and soot. I was too tired to stand for my shower so I just laid there as the volunteer cleaned me. Once she was done, I was just too tired to move and slept in the shower. The volunteer sat with me while I slept. I’m going to need dental and a lot of medical care, but DC SIR promises that life will only get better for me! Thank you to everyone who helped me get to a rescue that will commit to a senior like me! Seniors are our most expensive rescues to care for. Please consider making a donation to Moro's fund here.

Location: Exception (Continental USA)
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Kids: Yes
Weight: 62lbs on 4/25 (from 67.8lbs)
Intake Date 3/22/17
Available Date: 4/27/17

Medical: Obese and will need to continue to loose weight for optimal health.
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Moro's first night in foster video:

Meet Moro

Meet Moro: She is a senior Shiba mix. Her owner passed earlier this month and she was living in a shelter. Moro was pulled today but she was still nervous and shaking. So one of DC SIR's volunteers rushed over to comfort this sweet senior. She gave her doggie massages and comfort until she settled down.Thank you to everyone who helped us pull senior Shiba's like Moro and the volunteers that care for them.Follow Moro's journey: to help Moro and other seniors in need:

Posted by DC Shiba Inu Rescue (DC SIR) on Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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