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Toshio is a 4 year old, male, red Shiba Inu. Follow his Facebook album!

Hello, everyone, my new name is now Toshio, and it means "sagacious man" in Japanese. I am a 22 lb male Shiba Inu, approximately 4-years-old, and I was found as a stray in Maryland. I had a microchip that was never registered and has no alerts. I had been in the shelter for a short time and as soon as DC SIR heard about me, they were able to get transport in under a week! The shelter told DC SIR that I was a bit stressed there. What they didn’t know, but found out when a volunteer picked me up, was that I have mild allergies that include a bald butt, rear tail, and legs. I’m super happy that DC SIR has me because they have a pawsome allergy program that never uses drugs. I was a good boy during my 2-hour drive to Shiba HQ. I took the yummy boiled chicken from the volunteer and sat in my seat, but tried to stretch over to the volunteer for those yummy treats. When I got to Shiba HQ, I had a short walk and went straight to the shower because I smelled really bad. My nails were so long that they twisted my pads when I walked, so those needed to be trimmed too. Once I got in the shower, I realized what craziness was about to happen and I screamed at the top of my lungs so that the whole neighborhood could hear the "torture" I was enduring! Even worse, the volunteer trimmed my nails! I doubly screamed then. I was very dramatic but she kept trying to soothe me then spray herself with water. Like that was gonna make me feel better! After the dirt was rinsed from my body, I got to go out and meet all the other dogs at Shiba HQ. I met Katniss and Renji first. They were really nice and didn’t mind that I sniffed them in the face for a long time. I got to meet other dogs too, some growled at me because of my long sniffs so I just backed off. I got to eat some yummy raw food with the group and I thought it was great. They say that’s gonna help my inflamed and itchy skin too. I get to stay at Shiba HQ until Friday when my foster family comes to get me. Make sure to follow my story if you think I may be a good fit for your family! DC SIR will tell you all about me as they get to know me!

UPDATE: Toshio was found as a stray with dry fur, yeasty skin, and a bald butt! But this little guy has thrived in rescue and he is well on his way to being a happy and healthy Shiba Inu! Toshio's foster pawrents have been working on commands with him and say that he is a quick learner that is highly food motivated. He loves to play with squeaky toys and ropes and enjoys play with other dogs. Toshio can guard food filled enrichment toys from dogs/people but these are typically given when he is left alone and hasn't been an issue since the foster identified that issue. Toshio is good with body handling except he isn't fond of having his nails clipped. While we have been able to clip them (upon arrival in the shower and a couple other times), the adopter would want to work on cc/ds to get him comfortable with nail trims. Toshio has been enjoying car rides and adventures so we think he would do great with an active family once he has bonded with his new family. Toshio's other bad habit is counter surfing and since he is a tall boy, the adopters will need to be vigilant with food until he is trained to stay away from the counters or the humans are trained to leave food out of reach!

Medically, Toshio is neutered, UTD on core vaccinations and generally healthy. DC SIR never uses steroids, antibiotics, or drugs that inhibit the immune system when working with allergy dogs. He is no longer itching, his fur is growing back softer and silkier than when he first came into rescue. We will require that he be on "a nutrient-dense, species-appropriate, diverse and rotated, clean raw diet" with an integrative or pro-raw vet that understands the importance minimizing environmental toxins and building the immune system.

Location: Local (DC/MD/VA)
Dogs: Yes
Cats: TBD
Kids: TBD
Weight: 22lbs
Available Date: 11/9/17

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Considerations: Mild allergies, raw diet.

Shiba Scream in the Bath:

Bath and Nail Trim:

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