Adoption status: Adopted!
Yusei is a 1 year old male red Shiba Inu.

Hello everyone, my new Japanese name is Yusei (you-say). I am a 1-year-old male, red, Shiba Inu and I weigh about 17lbs. I came from a VA shelter on a transport with a couple other dogs thanks to some very nice volunteers with DC SIR. DC SIR needed time to find me an appropriate home since I was listed as unavailable to the public because of some behavior issues. You see, I am very little and I didn’t have a good life. I’m scared of big people coming towards me with their hands. Hands scare me because they were used to hurt me so I flinch and snap at strangers. The shelter told DC SIR that once I gain someone’s trust, I let them pet me, pick me up, and handle me. When I was at the shelter, I was able to do well in dog play groups and I even lived with another dog in my kennel. But I didn’t always like to share my kennel and guarded my bed and food from the other dog, so I ended up spending time alone. I started to get stressed out in the shelter so I was really happy that DC SIR would open a foster home to me. When they picked me up I was in a cone and on antibiotics for an injury to my foot so they’ll be taking care of that too.

When I arrived at DC SIR I wouldn’t come out of my crate and gave the volunteer a hard stare to leave me alone. So she went off to help the other dogs get settled. Eventually, she coaxed me out but I didn’t trust her and kept my eye on her. After some time she scooped me up and put me in my own room. I wouldn’t let her touch me, I wasn’t vocal but I gave her a hard stare. She tried to give me treats but I wouldn’t take them. I was determined to dislike her! But the volunteer spent the entire night with me in my room not touching me. Finally, I came closer and by the morning, I let her pet me. By mid morning I was pushing her hand to keep petting me. I am wary about being picked up. I got to meet the other dogs at DC SIR. They aren’t so bad. I growled at some of them to give me space and they were good about that. I’m generally very fearful and nervous. But DC SIR sees a really sweet and special boy who needs a reason to trust people again. Please share my story and help me find a forever home.

Location: Extended (SC/NC/VA/DC/MD/PA/DE/WV)
Dogs: Yes - prefer friendly females
Cats: No
Kids: No
Weight 17lbs
Intake Date 1/19/17

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