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There are many myths surrounding the game, Tug O' War with your dog. Have you heard that letting your dog play tug will make them aggressive? Or that you have to win and show them who is boss if you do play? Well toss out that nonsense and take some tips from renowned dog trainer, Pat Miller, CPDT-KA on how to play tug with your dog and when to let them play tug with other dogs.

“Contrary to conventional wisdom in some dog training circles, tug is a great game to play with most dogs - as long as you and your canine pal play by the rules. Lots of my clients have dogs with aggressive, reactive, and other stress-related behaviors. One of the best ways to help reduce stress is to increase exercise. Tug is great exercise.”



Whether you are stuck indoors due to the extreme summer heat, rained out or snowed in, there are a many enriching games you can play with your dog to keep you both from going stir crazy! This is also great for senior pets like, Goma (here with the puzzle toy) who may not be able to go on long hikes.

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Tug O' War is a Fun Game to Play With Your Dog

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