Dogs and Furniture


Should you let dogs on furniture?

One of the biggest misconceptions about letting a dog on furniture is that this action is a nefarious means towards domination in the household, when really it’s just a comfortable place to sleep. As someone who allows her dogs on furniture, I find most of mine opt for their extra plus dog beds (Costco has great deals) that are on every level of the house. Before I had these soft dog beds, there were Shibas piled high and deep on available couches.

However, the decision to allow dogs on furniture should be the individual’s preference and not for fear your dog will take the deed to your home and keys to your car. If you don’t want your pets on the couch you need to be consistent, you need to offer pleasant alternatives, manage access during training and apply proper cues to remove the dog from the couch.

Important considerations:
1. Do not grab/push your dog off the couch. This is a great way to ruin your trust with your dog and get bit.

2. Is there a time dogs should not be allowed on furniture? Absolutely! That is when the dog resource guards the furniture and growls, snaps or lunges when you or other family sit on the couch. This is not cute behavior and can escalate into more serious issues. These instances may require behavior modification by a professional experienced trainer. In the meantime, make furniture inaccessible to your dog until you get help. Keep your dog in a pet proofed area and set them up for success!

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