Dogs and Snow


Winter Preparedness

1. Don’t let your dog eat the snow: not just the yellow kind. New research shows that snow actually holds pollution and that eating snow is like downing a pollution-flavored Popsicle.

2. Protect paws outdoors: While the Shiba Inu is a double coated dog built for cold weather, they take time to build up a tolerance to cold – much like they build up a tolerance to hot sand. So put extra protection on their paws.

3. Rinse paws: Lots of chemicals and salts used to treat sidewalks are actually toxic to your dog! Rinse their paws as soon as they come in from a walk. Because you love your dog and care about other people’s dogs, be sure to buy “pet safe” salts for your yard. Also, consider a humidifier in your home for you and your pup.

4. Fresh water: Obviously your dog does not live outside but it is still important to ensure your dog always has access to fresh water, especially because pollution-flavored Popsicles don’t count towards water intake.

5. Extra food: If your dog is lazing around indoors with you on a Netflix marathon, skip this step. If you are outside playing with your dog, consider increasing their calorie intake as running around in the cold burns more calories. If your dog is obese, skip this step; or get outside and play!

6. Icy spots: While dogs are more graceful on ice than us humans, be careful you don’t fall and crush your pup or that they don’t fall or slide down stairs and take you with them. Taking time to clear a path prior to taking your Shiba Inu out on a romp is safest! Watch this funny video, but please…don’t try this at home!

7. Extra clothes: This is blasphemy! Do not subject your regal Shiba to silly clothes unless they don’t have all their fur or are seriously obsessed with fashion and love to up The Fidos with the latest winter gear. Or your dog is fancy like this.

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