Importance of Training


Did you know that many of the dogs that come in to rescue were dumped because the owner ‘tried everything’ to curb bad behavior, but ‘nothing worked?’ Amazingly, these dogs' issues are resolved and managed after a short time in rescue. Why? We in rescue don’t have a magical aura or dominating power over these dogs. What we do have is a keenly trained observational skills in canine body language, honed redirection skills, practiced timing and continued education from trained science based professionals.

Before dumping your dog, be honest with yourself. Have you hired an educated force free professional trainer with a fundamental understanding of learning theory? The money you invest in a good trainer will result in a lifetime reward of skills to manage and create behavior you desire. Dog training requires knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA's) that are particular to the field. Like any profession, there are good trainers and bad trainers. For those of you who are actively looking for a trainer, we highly suggest you use The Pet Professional Guild to begin your search. For those who don’t have any major issues with their dog but would be interested in building a stronger relationship, we recommend starting your research on our training page.

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