Surrender Your Shiba

If you are representing a Shelter or Animal Control Organization please do not fill out this Surrender Form. Instead, please e-mail

Please realize DC Shiba Inu Rescue (DC SIR) cannot accept Shibas from all over the country. We concentrate on helping Shibas that are located in states on the East Coast. However, DC SIR will take in severe Shiba Inu allergy cases from anywhere in the continental US. DC SIR is a purebred rescue and as such, we are sorry to say we are not always able to accept Shiba Inu mixes. However, if your dog’s primary breed is Shiba Inu and he looks to have Shiba traits, we may be able to accept him/her if we have an opening and if he/she passes our evaluation. Please understand that foster homes for Shiba Inus are few and far between so you may be asked to hold your Shiba Inu until an opening can be found.

Download the  DCSIR Owner Surrender Form to begin the process. Forms must be returned in Word (.docx) or PDF format.

You are also requested to submit a minimum of 3 pictures of your dog, preferably a front and side view. If you have more than one dog to surrender, please fill out one application for each dog, making sure your name and email address is on each application. If we have any further questions, we will contact you by phone or by email.

In order to receive a call by a DC SIR Representative, you must complete the intake form. This does not mean you have surrendered your dog. It provides us with details to ensure the correct person is assigned to your call with the appropriate knowledge and resources to help with your situation.

DC SIR covers three options with all our Owner Surrender calls:

  1. We provide you with resources to help keep your dog. While we do not give training or medical advice, we do provide competent, accredited science-based force-free trainers based on the behavior issues, resources to help you manage a situation until you connect with a professional or veterinary references for particular medical issues. We discuss the pros and cons of keeping your dog.
  2. Resources to help you place your dog in another home. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous people who may harm your dog. We provide you with reputable organizations to list your dog, advise you on conducting a thorough review of applicants (home check, reference checks, interviews and even contracts and including training contracts). We discuss the pros and cons of you placing your dog.
  3. You surrender your Shiba Inu to DC SIR. We provide you with the pros and cons of surrendering your dog to our rescue. You will surrender ownership to DCSIR and we do all the legwork to ensure your dog is properly assessed. We have a minimum 2 week behavior and medical assessment but may work with the dog indefinitely until s/he is ready for adoption. We are not a shelter. All rescues live in homes with families as family members. This may be in a house, apartment or townhouse. We discuss the pros and cons of surrendering your dog to DC SIR.


DC SIR is a non-profit, volunteer-run network of foster homes in the Washington, DC area.

DC SIR does not have a shelter facility. To meet our adoptable dogs, interested adopters can attend one of our monthly adoption events.