A Washington, DC rescue that specializes in Shiba Inus, but also takes in similar primitive and mixed breeds.



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DC SIR at Whole Pet Central (Ashburn, VA)

Sunday December 11, 2016
12pm - 2pm
Whole Pet Central
43330 Junction Plaza #176,
Ashburn, VA 20147

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What the Internet's Fave Dog Can Teach Us
About the Perils of 'Trendy' Pets

Trendy Article






But dog rescuers say that while the popularity surge has brought about a greater numbers of volunteers and people interested in their work, it’s also led to more abandoned shibas. And while shibas are by no means the breed that winds up in shelters the most, the consequences of their rise in popularity is a compelling example of the pitfalls that can occur when a particular type of pet become “trendy.”  [Read More]

--Oct 4, 2016.  Hilary Hanson, The Huffington Post.

Collars vs. Harnesses

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Ever wonder why you see our rescue dogs in harnesses?

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Washington DC rescue that specializes in Shiba Inu but also takes in similar primitive and mixed breeds