Adoption status: Adopted!


Hi! My name is now Bear. I can’t tell you exactly how old I am, or where I came from, but I can tell you where I almost ended up. It’s not a nice beginning, but I know that with your help, it will be the start of a beautiful journey. On March 19, 2013, my previous owner dumped me at a crowded, high-kill shelter in South Carolina. I had no idea what was happening, but I could smell fear and death around me everywhere. I just knew if anyone picked me up out of my cold and soiled cage I would go to the gas chamber. So I bit and growled and tried to look as mean as I could so no one would EVER want to come near me. This seemed to work and no one tried to get close enough to me to hurt me. I wasn’t walked or petted or cleaned, but I was alive. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t last for long.

The people at the shelter said I was going on the ‘euth’ list for being ‘unmanageable.’ I screamed at them, “Why won’t they let me go back to my family? I promise I’ll be a good boy! I promise I won’t ever do anything bad again!” But no one heard me…. Until someone posted my picture on Facebook with a warning that I would be killed if a rescue didn’t take me soon. I was so glad when DCSIR immediately saw the fear in my eyes and said I could ride up with Koji in two days! They knew how scared a sweet dog like me could get in a shelter.

So many people scrambled to save me. They didn’t even know me, but they could see the love in my heart and the caring in my eyes. Even though the shelter people said I was mean and vicious because I yelled at them and snarled for them to stay away, DCSIR knew that I was a good dog at heart. By March 21, 2013, a nice woman from the Boston Terrier rescue picked me up and brought me to my foster in South Carolina the next day. Today, I met Koji and he sure is nice!

He told me we were saved and riding on a transport to DCSIR. I sure am scared, but he said he’s been so spoiled with love and play and food and toys that I have nothing to worry about. I don’t have to act mean anymore. Now I kiss everyone I meet and tell them how very happy I am to be alive. I could have been dead and thrown in the trash, but I know that I am going with Koji on a ride to freedom. Won’t you share my story and help me start my new life with a new family! Bear will need to be neutered, vetted and evaluated by DCSIR for a minimum of 2 weeks.

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