Adoption status: Adopted!


Hi my name is Chloe…. I was born in Japan. When I was very small, a man brought me over to the United States. But after I was taken away from my family, I didn’t get to see much of anything, except the inside of a crate. I would watch the shadows on the wall as the sun rose and set. Never stretching, never running after my shadow, never sunning myself in a window and never learning about the world, like puppies should. The man only let me out of the crate for very brief times when he was home and I must not have ever been good because I was only ever yelled at.

I’m so very scared of men. I always think they will grab me and hurt me. So I yell at them and warm them to stay away from me. After a year, I guess I got too big for my cage and the man dropped me off at a shelter. I didn’t think I could be more frightened of anything but the scary man (or the noises I could never see) but this place had so many new and scary sights and sounds. I was lucky that a nice woman knew my breed and took me home with her. She cleaned the fleas and ticks from my fur and put some weight on my bony frame. There I met a sister who looked just like me, and I was so happy to be out of the cage and to play with her children and another foxy Shiba.

But there was a man in the house who traveled for business and every time he came home I just got so scared. I had to yell at him. I knew he wasn’t the same mean man who hurt me, but I couldn’t help it. Sometimes I got so scared and confused I would lash out at my Shiba sister. My kind family found DCSIR to take me in and help me. My foster family is so big and they show me so many things, I just get so overwhelmed at times. But my Shiba brother and sisters aren’t scared of ANYTHING! They are showing me I can get out in the world and meet people who won’t hurt me. Every day they take me to a new store and buy me fun stuff and I get to eat with my Shiba foster family.

My foster mom said that I have to be adopted to a woman and I also have to go to school (but it will be *positive*). I hope that my new family won’t ever yell at me. I promise I am a good girl. I just need a patient and experienced family to show me the world and how to act in it. Chloe is ok with dogs in parks and yards, but should be the only dog in a home. She would do best with older children who know how to respect a Shiba’s space. She is terrified of cats and squirrels, but we’re working on that.

Chloe is a 1.5 yr old Black and Tan female Shiba Inu who is up to date on shots, spayed, microchipped and being fostered in the DC metro area. E-mail for more information on how to adopt Chloe!

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