Adoption status: Adopted!


My name is now Ichigo, and I am a Mill Dog. Before I was a mill dog, I was a pet. I had a family and lived in a house. But one day, I was no longer told I was cute and no one wanted to play with me. So I ended up in a Puppy Mill. I lived in a cage and was bred for profit. Still, I remembered a life when I was loved. I remember a life when my people would let me run and play. That is what keeps me alive. I was so excited to leave the mill but then I ended up in a shelter. I got a nice bed, soft blanket and toys but I still had no family. The staff was so nice to me too. They know about force free training and understand about my special needs. But I became really stressed in the shelter.

Was this it? Would I live the rest of my life out in another cage? Thankfully, the nice staff at the shelter realized that I needed special care. They reached out to DC SIR. DC SIR was overwhelmed with dogs and were having a hard time finding me a foster until my luck changed and an experienced DC SIR foster was able to foster me!

So I got fixed and Mika (another Mill rescue) and I went on a very long ride to Shiba HQ. I got to meet other dogs and they were all so nice to me. If the people approached me slowly at an arc I would let them pet me and rub my head. This felt so good. I loved running around in the yard and my tail went up quickly. I even galloped with joy to be free and run in a yard!

Soon my foster parents came by to meet me. They are really nice and savvy about fearful dogs. When we went into the house I was more fearful and tried to find a corner where no one could see me. They got me in a harness and carried me to the car. It’s a long drive to my foster home but I’m finally hopeful. Today, Friday the 13th is a very special day to me. It is the day that I can hope to have a family again. A family that will never leave me.

Dogs: Most
Cats: Ok
Kids: 12 yr +
Location: Extended

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