Adoption status: Adopted!


My name is Kiko, and I am a Mill Dog. I am 8 years old and no longer needed for breeding. I have never known the gentle caress of a loving human companion. I have never felt the softness of a clean bed. I have never heard a soothing word or praise. I have never had a toy. I have never laid back my ears, squinted my eyes, or shook my butt and howled a Shiba welcome in anticipation of a family member’s arrival. I have never felt the comfort of a human when I was terrified or lonely. The only comfort I have ever had was the short love I could give my puppies. I hope the people that bought them gave my puppies a better life than I have had in this concrete and metal jail. I know their parents think they saved my puppies, but they only prolonged my life of misery while lining the pockets of greed.

DC SIR wasn’t planning to pick me up but I am old and no longer useful to my breeders. I have sore bones and my eye is infected but I have so much love to give. When the volunteers came to see me, I flattened my fly-bitten ears and shook my furry Shiba tail. I howled with delight from the attention they gave me. I hoped the nice people would take me with them. I was with my mate in a dog run at the mill. He is also too old and sick for the mill to keep. But DC SIR wasn’t prepared for both of us so they just took me. I hope they can save him too. Let me tell you about me. I am very food motivated. I just loved the boiled chicken the volunteers fed me! I wasn’t sure about the long car ride and I soiled myself in my crate. But when I got to Shiba HQ I got cleaned up and I felt so good! I gave the nice lady so many kisses! I couldn’t believe all the yummy boiled chicken I could eat after my bath. I got to meet a lot of dogs at Shiba HQ and they all seem nice. I just don’t want them trying to eat my amazing food (did I tell you how much I LOVE the food!). I am so happy to be in a home and can’t wait to find a forever home!

Dogs: Yes
Cats: TBD
Children: Yes
Location: Extended: East Coast

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