Adoption status: Adopted!


Hi, my name is now Matoshi. I was surrendered to a shelter in West Virginia. My owners said they took me to vets and treated my allergies with cortisone shots. They said they got rid of me because they were moving. I loved them for 9 years. They told the shelter that I am really sweet. I’m great with children, cats and dogs. But I don’t feel good and my skin feels like it is on fire. Luckily, DC SIR saw me and despite working with so many special needs, had to take me in and put me on their successful allergy program.

As soon as I arrived to DC SIR they saw my eyes were infected with pus, my nails were so overgrown it would be painful to walk and I smelled of yeast. When I shook, my foster mom could see dander wafting from my flaky skin. I won’t get better overnight but they will work on fixing me from the inside out and not just covering up my symptoms. This is the shelter that cared for Saya, another allergy rescue who took some time to get better but is now drug free and super healthy! I want to feel good too. . They have an incredible allergy program that fixes the underlying cause and they do it by making me healthy from the inside out!

And now look at my Before and After photo! My fur is growing in shinier than ever and I'm showing my true outgoing personality around all my friends and foster family.

Matoshi is in the midst of several months of care and extensive rehabilitation with DCSIR before he will be available for adoption. Matoshi is a 9 year old male red Shiba Inu. DC SIR is a 501c3 non-profit and operates on generous donations from kind-hearted individuals. Please consider donating to Matoshi’s fund so that he may fully recover and we can continue to rescue dogs like him.

Location: Local (DC/MD/VA)
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Kids: Age 12+
Special Requirements: Allergies - raw diet required.

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