Adoption status: Adopted!

Hi! My name is now Mutsu and it means ‘apple’ in Japanese. I’m a young male Shiba Inu mix from a Kentucky shelter. DC SIR doesn’t have a lot of information about my former life. The shelter that picked me up as a stray didn’t give me a name, I was known by a number only. When DC SIR called to inquire about me, the staff kept calling me “it.” They said, “it is scared and ‘it’ doesn’t know how to walk on a leash.” They didn’t bother to see me as a living being. For a whole month I waited for my turn to go to the backroom where no one ever comes out of and all the dogs are scared to go to. I could smell death so I cowered into a tiny ball in my cage hoping I would wake up in a place that would call me by a name. Couldn’t they see I am alive and I have feelings?

Luckily, some nice ladies networked for me and told DC SIR that I needed help and they worked quickly to get me to safety. DC SIR volunteers drove 15 hours to pick me up and take me to the Shiba HQ where I tasted the most delicious yummy food! I got to meet some other really friendly dogs and enjoyed playing with a puppy! Now that I have been with DC SIR a night, let me tell you a little more about me, I’ve probably never walked on a leash because I don’t know what to do when you try to walk me. I love being carried so that’s how I got around yesterday! I’m real young – probably just under a year old. I’m small too, I weigh 22lbs. DC SIR is going to ‘fix’ me – not sure what THAT means because they told me I’m perfect!

I also need to be fully vetted, updated on vaccinations and micro-chipped. They said once they take care of this and my foster parents report back on my 2 week temperament assessment, that I’ll be ready for adoption into a forever home where I’ll always be called by a name! So far, I must be giving off a great first impression! They keep telling me what a sweet and gentle boy I am! I just love playing with all the dogs at Shiba HQ and can’t wait to meet my foster family!

Please email and tell them that you’d like to adopt Mutsu!

DC SIR is a non-profit, volunteer-run network of foster homes in the Washington, DC area.

DC SIR does not have a shelter facility. To meet our adoptable dogs, interested adopters can attend one of our monthly adoption events.