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Hello everyone, my name is now Rai and it sounds like ‘R-eye.’ It means trust in Japanese. I’m a five year old female Shiba Inu that has lived with the same family my entire life. I lived with another Shiba Inu and a cat but was surrendered when my family became pregnant with a human child. I’m a very sweet and loving girl but I can sometimes ‘resource guard’ my people from other people and pets. DC SIR knows this is very manageable with the right force-free training! I am also very nervous about being touched near my neck. I was in a prong collar and those create very bad associations. So I will need some work with body handling, building trust and positive associations with strangers when on walks. I’m small at just 24 lbs but I don’t want you picking me up if I don’t know you!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I met DC SIR’s neutral dog, Katniss, at an assessment and we got along just fine. I didn’t like the other male dogs near me so I snapped at their face when I got to Shiba HQ. They backed off quickly and that was good with me! I may be ok with other dogs but DC SIR will let you know more after my 2 week assessment. I am good with cats and tested well with the DC SIR resident cats so if you have a cat we may do great together. I am very shy of strangers and it will take time for me to warm up to you. It really helps if you have a yummy treat like boiled chicken. I finally allowed the DC SIR volunteer to put a collar and harness on me when she brought out the yummy treats. I also walk well on a leash but I am a bit skittish. I am now getting used to walking in a harness. It feels weird but it doesn’t hurt my neck like the prong collar did. I hope to find a family who will love me forever. Will you please share my story & help me find a forever home?

Rai will be medically and behaviorally assessed for 2 weeks prior to being available for adoption. Email and tell them that you’d like to adopt Rai!

How to pronounce Rai.
Resource guarding information.
Body handling information.

Dogs: TBD
Cats: Yes (must meet)
Kids: No Children
Location: Local - MD/VA/DC

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