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My name is Sakura and I’m a young Shiba Inu mix. I almost became a casualty of an unmanaged southern shelter. My story could have ended in a horrible, painful and lonely death. You see, the shelter I was in was shut down on the very day DCSIR was to rescue me. That’s because there were allegations of abuse and neglect. For years, no one listened to our screams. Dogs like me were being put to sleep without enough anesthesia and were thrown into a freezer to die. But a few people fought for me and the others before me.

Thanks to Friends of Campbell County, Tennessee Animal Shelter and concerned citizens, 25 dogs and 2 cats were taken away from this horrible shelter. We expected to die, but instead we were saved and taken to a no-kill shelter at the Humane Society of Tennessee Valley. Finally, people saw us as living, feeling beings. We were given baths and fed; we were kindly handled and cleaned. As a matter of fact, they saw how beautiful I was and took this picture that makes me look like a fancy French model! DCSIR didn’t want to let me stay any longer than the required time to recuperate in a shelter after my surgery for spaying. So they had two kind hearted volunteers drive 15 hours to pick me up and take me to my foster home in VA so I could recuperate in a home. Everyone is so nice to me and I am just so happy to be free. I gave kisses to my rescuers all the way on our drive to VA! I miss my friend who was dumped in the shelter with me, but I hear she was adopted. I am very excited to be in a home with other dogs. Even after all that has happened to me, I am still a good girl. I am happy and playful and I want to be with people and other dogs. I have lots of energy, so I hope you do too! There is so much to tell everyone and I promise to have DCSIR tell you all about me as I settle in. But will you do me a favor and watch the video about the place I came from? It’s not a good place and shouldn’t be allowed to re-open with the same mean people. Please make your voice heard, since no one can hear our screams.

Warning some material may contain pictures of abuse:

Horror at Adrion W. Baird Animal Center - Campbell County, Tennessee

Interview with employee who broke the story of abuse

For more information and support to those who have helped the abused dogs like Sakura please like these pages:

Exposing abuse by Director Betty Crumley

Amazing group who organized into a non-profit to help the abused dogs of Campbell County and post pictures of the dogs so that rescues could save them!

The wonderful shelter who cared for Sakura and many of the displaced animals from Campbell County:

Sakura is great with people and dogs and not yet tested with cats!

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