Adoption status: Adopted!

Hi everyone! My name is Max! I just turned 7 and am full of energy and love! I’ve lived with 2 families in my life and have loved and been loved. Unfortunately, due to no fault of my own I am looking for a new home to be my forever home. I’m real good at watching our house and will let you know when people come to our door. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my head scratched and I may love my back scratched even more. I can’t decide so you will just have to do both a lot till I can decide which is better. But don’t worry, if you forget to give me attention I will gently remind you with my muzzle. I love meeting new dogs and could just kiss everyone in the face. I’m just a happy and loving boy that could use a home to lay my head and some people to love me forever (with unlimited scratches). Please help me find my forever home!

Max is a 7 yr old male cream Shiba Inu.


Max shaking hands at the Super Pet Expo!

Max loves playing fetch!


Washington DC rescue that specializes in Shiba Inu but also takes in similar primitive and mixed breeds