Adoption status: Adopted!
Kanta is a 7 year old, male, sesame Shiba Inu/Alaskan Klee Kai mix. See his Facebook album.

Hello, everyone, my new name is now Kanta and it is the supporting character in the Japanese film, “My neighbor Totoro!” I am a seven-year-old male Shiba Inu/Alaskan Klee Kai mix. I have only ever lived with one loving family, but my owner died. The extended family took me to the shelter in June. My heart was broken twice. I lost my family and I went to a scary place I had never been before. The shelter staff was very nice to me and let me sit on their lap. An employee even took me home with her but I didn’t get along with the other dogs. I’ve been so depressed in the shelter that I stopped eating any food at all. I’ve lost a lot of weight.

On the ride to Shiba HQ I wouldn’t even touch their boiled chicken but I did give the volunteer kisses to let her know how thankful I am! When I got to Shiba HQ I drank a lot of water then went straight to the shower to get cleaned up. The volunteer said I am really good with body handling! One of the best dogs she ever groomed! I got washed, lathered, brushed, rinsed and even had all my nails trimmed without any wiggling or protest! She noticed that underneath my thick fur I am just a sack of bones. She dried me up and brought me to her office where I cried when I looked out the window for my owner. I miss my family and can’t understand why I lost the only home I ever had. The volunteer said she understands my pain and promised I will be happy again.

She noticed I did really well with the dogs by the gate and let some neutral dogs go outside in the yard with me. I did fine with the dogs for a bit but I really don’t like other dogs in my face so I snapped at them and chased them off to show them I mean business! DC SIR said I should be an only dog but with some work I can probably have playdates with the right dogs, mainly aloof Shibas that won’t bother me! Even after my bath, I wouldn’t take treats but the volunteer gave me some freshly made bone broth, which I did enjoy drinking. DC SIR promises me that they will find me a forever home so I will never have to go through this pain again. Could it be you?

UPDATE: We are lucky to have his lifetime medical papers that include his purchase. His birthday is 6/21/10. Kanta has cried a lot and keeps looking for his family but he settles down if he gets to sit in your lap. Kanta will nuzzle you until you invite him onto your lap by tapping your legs. Kanta has been eating and we expect him to gain some weight after the stress of being in a shelter environment. 

Location: Extended
Dogs: No
Cats: Yes
Kids: 12 yr +
Weight: TBD
DOB: 6/21/2010
Intake date: 8/4/17
Available date: TBD

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