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Nozomi is a 7 year old, female, red Shiba Inu. Follow her Facebook album!

Hello, today I'm no longer nameless, I'm now Nazomi, meaning "hope" in Japanese. I am a Mill Dog. I’ve lived most of my life in an outdoor kennel, bred for my puppies. I was released early, at the age of 7, because I stopped producing puppies for the mill. I haven’t been clean in years; not until today, the day DC SIR came to take me from my outdoor cage. They took me and another mill dog, Nikko, who is ten years old, to our freedom. We both wiggled our butts, squinted our eyes, laid down our ears and howled with delight at the sight of our rescuers. But I felt bad for all my friends that were left behind to live out another cold winter without the comfort of kindness and the warmth we will now have. I enjoyed taking delicious chicken from my rescuers. The windows had to be open during the drive, because we smelled so badly from years of living in squalor.

When I arrived at Shiba HQ, I got to explore the yard with Nikko. Soon, they let out the other dogs to meet us. We got along great with everyone! But we were filthy and needed a shower before we could explore home. The volunteer noticed I have hot spots and open sores along my back. I tried to make myself disappear by crawling into a tiny ball behind Nikko. Once we were cleaned we explored the inside of the house. I preferred to be outside. I am a tiny Shiba - I was shorter than the puppy they have at Shiba HQ! Soon my foster dad came to pick me up! I am going to live with a DC SIR alum and 2 other dogs! They will tell you all about my personality and quirks. Both Nikko and I will need a lot of medical care before we are available for adoption. DC SIR will ensure we are in tip top shape before we get adopted! We are going to feel really good for the first time since we were puppies! When you buy a puppy from a mill or a pet store, you help perpetuate a vicious cycle that dogs like me have been forced to endure. Support reputable rescues and reputable breeders! Please help me find the perfect forever home!

Update: Nozomi is a 7-year-old, female Shiba Inu that was rescued from a PA puppy mill. She is tiny at around 18 lbs. Zomi never had much medical care, so DC SIR ensured she received everything she needed prior to being available for adoption. This included her standard health check, microchip, rabies, DHPP, full dental care which included removing 26 teeth, mammary tumor removal and biopsy*, spay and bloodwork. Zomi has made a speedy recovery and is ready to find a family that will show her kindness she desperately deserves.

* note from vet on biopsy: "We have received Nozomi's biopsy report. Two of her mammary masses were benign. They were fully excised and removal should be curative. The third and largest mass was partially a malignant myoepithelioma. It was a low grade tumor, however, which is good. It was also fully excised. There is a greater chance that the third tumor could return or possibly spread, but that chance is low. 
Her bloodwork was completely normal."

Behavior: Nozomi lives in a multidog house and gets along with the other dogs but can is learning to share in the comforts of house living. Zomi can guard her bed at times but is learning to share with her fur-family. Zomi is a fearful dog as she has had very little positive interaction with humans. We are requiring that she go to a home with a fenced backyard because she is not used to walking on a leash and effort will need to be focused on building her trust. Her foster parents say that she barks through the night which may be due to her displeasure with being crated. Zomi enjoys chewing on things so providing her with stimulating chews and removing inappropriate items out of her reach is required.

Nozomi has had a rough life but she is ready to learn how to live with kindness and compassion. Do you think Nozomi can have a warm bed in your home? 

Location: Extended (SC/NC/VA/DC/MD/PA/DE/WV)
Dogs: Good
Cats: No
Kids: 12+ yr **
Weight: 19lbs
Intake Date: 08/25/17
Available Date: 10/19/17

Special Requirement: Must go to a home with a fenced yard.

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