Adoption status: Not Yet Available!
Tomomi is a female, senior Shiba Inu.
Tomomi will be in extended foster care to recover on DC SIR's comprehensive allergy program.
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Hello everyone, my new name is now Tomomi and it means, “friend/beautiful” in Japanese. I am a senior female Shiba Inu. I have had a rough time recently. You see, I was found bald, sick, and stuck in a muddy ditch. I was too weak to get out but thankfully, a nearby family heard my desperate cries and arranged for me to get out and taken to an animal shelter. The people at the shelter were very kind. They cared for me as best they could and even put me in a pretty sweater to cover my bald and infected skin. They noticed that I was probably deaf too. Thankfully, a fan saw my story and reached out to DC SIR. They specialize in allergy dogs and have an amazing program that will take me off all drugs, but it can take quite some time to get better, especially at my age.

When I arrived at Shiba HQ, I got to explore the yard on my own. Soon they let the other dogs meet me and everyone was really nice. The volunteers noticed I smelled sour, typical of allergy dogs so I had to go straight to a bath. I was really good in the bath. My bath water was brown as the volunteer rinsed the yeast from my body. She also trimmed my long nails and I didn’t protest one bit. You may notice that one of my ears hangs down; that is because it had been ripped in two. I can’t tell you the details of my life before I was found in a ditch but from my condition, the volunteers can see I had a very hard life. I can tell you that I am a very sweet natured Shiba and I have been nice to every dog I meet. I may not hear well (or at all?) but I will follow you around if you are nice to me. I am very agile and I can move pretty fast. I really like the organic boiled chicken my foster mom gave me and I absolutely love the raw diet I started today. I won’t be ready for adoption for some time. Thankfully, DC SIR’s allergy program will do wonders for my overall health but they still have a lot of tests to run and it takes time to rebuild my immune system. I hope you will consider adopting me. DC SIR thinks dogs like me deserve to be spoiled in our golden years. Please share my story to help me find a family.

Location: Extended (SC/NC/VA/DC/MD/PA/DE/WV)
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Kids: TBD
Intake Date: 8/18/17
Available Date: TBD

Considerations: Allergy Dog. "Species-appropriate, nutrient-dense, diverse and rotated, clean, raw diet," minimal vaccination protocol, environmental considerations.

Tomomi won't be available for several months. Follow Tomomi's progress in her Facebook Album!
Donate to Tomomi's Medical Fund.

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