Adoption status: Adopted!
Yamato is a 12 year old male Shiba Inu. Follow his Facebook album!

Hello everyone, my new name is now Yamato and it is an ancient name for Japan. I am a 12-year-old male Shiba Inu. I was surrendered to a shelter and my owners told the shelter I have allergies. I am not neutered and I need full medical care but DC SIR says I look like an happy and health guy. Thankfully DC SIR has amazing fans that helped raise funds for my care so I could go to a foster home this weekend! I was in the shelter for almost 2 weeks. When a DC SIR volunteer came to get me I was so happy! There were a couple other Shibas that came along for the ride too. I rode in a crate for the trip to Shiba HQ for nearly 5 hours and I didn’t make a peep! Once I arrived at Shiba HQ I got a bath and some yummy boiled chicken for being such a good boy! I did really well in the bath and let my handler massage & pluck my fur. I was towel dried, but the best part was when I got some more yummy boiled chicken! I got to meet a cat after the bath & he seemed real nice. DC SIR said they’ll let you know how I do with cats.

After I was cleaned up and dried, I got to meet the other Shibas and I pretty much ignored them. I was more interested in sniffing all the neat smells in the garden. Even when the young pups jumped on me, I just growled a bit to remind them I’m an old guy and need some space. I also took treats with the group and accepted pets and brushing. DC SIR said I am going to need a little time in foster care to get medically cleared. They say my sweet personality and youthful demeanor should help me get adopted really quickly. Once I was done with all the exciting smells, people, and dogs, I settled into a comfortable dog bed for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Yamato responds very well to treats and has learned some basic commands such as "sit," "up," "down," and occasionally "paw." Although he's not a huge cuddler, he always loves to be next to people, spending most evenings lying either next to his fosters on the couch or at their feet and will always welcome pets and belly rubs. Yamato tends to be leash reactive towards other dogs, but does great once he spends time getting to know them, so taking the time to socialize him will be very important. Although Yamato loves to receive pets and shows affection to people that he trusts, he doesn't appear overly friendly to strangers. Yamato also has mild allergies, so from time to time he'll be scratching his nose or rub it on the floor or carpet, but with the proper treatment, it shouldn't be much of an issue. Yamato would be great in a home with a yard, or even in an apartment. He's never had an accident and is very mindful about where he does his business while on walks. He could make a great addition to a multi-pet family or a family with children

Location: Extended (SC/NC/VA/DC/MD/PA/DE/WV)
Dogs: Yes (seems to prefer females)
Cats: Yes
Kids: 12+ years old
Weight: 21lbs
DOB: 08/26/04 (** updated age with correct paperwork)
Intake Date: 4/21/17
Available Date: 6/22/17

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