Adoption Status: Adopted!
Imouto is a 8 year old, female, red Shiba Inu. See her Facebook album.

Hello everyone, my new name is now Imouto and it means “Little Sister’ in Japanese but you can call me Imo. I am a small 8-year-old female Shiba Inu and I was dumped in a shelter with my sister, now Ane. We lived our whole lives with one family, but after they had kids and their lifestyle changed, they no longer had time for us. So instead of looking for a rescue, they took us to a shelter where we lived in cages. The nice people at the shelter saw how scared we were and did everything they could to make us comfortable in our new surroundings but we didn’t know this shelter life, and it was scary. Thankfully, the staff at the shelter helped us get to DC SIR where we could live in homes like we did when we had a family. They drove over 6 hrs round trip to help get us closer to our foster home with DC SIR.

Let me tell you a bit about myself, I rode very well in the car with the DC SIR volunteer but my sister and I were a bit scared. When we arrived at Shiba HQ we were happy to run free in the yard, and we got to meet a whole bunch of friendly dogs. DC SIR was told we are great with dogs and cats. Our fun didn’t last long because we had to go straight to the shower after our meet! The volunteer said we smelled bad and our nails were painfully long. I shut down in the shower and didn’t move or squirm. I have long black nails and the volunteer accidentally nicked one too deep and my nail bled. She kept saying sorry and gave me lots of chicken, so I won’t hold it against her. I was so happy to get out of the shower! I rolled around and play-bowed to my sister. After we dried off, we went into the main room with the other dogs and volunteers. My sister and I found people on the couch and we nudged them until they pet us. We really like to be near people and get pets from them.

DC SIR thinks we are a bonded pair and that we need to be adopted together. So far they think we have the best personalities and that we are both such sweet dogs that are great with everyone we meet. Our new foster mom will be picking us up tomorrow and she will tell you more about us! Please consider adopting us, we have so much love to give!

Location: Extended (SC/NC/VA/DC/MD/PA/DE/WV)
Dogs: Good
Cats: Good
Kids: 12 yr +
Weight: 21lbs
Intake Date: 5/25/17
Available Date: 6/13/17

Bonded pair with Ane.
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